Welcome to MitchCodes

After a while of wanting my own site. Building some random sites to try out different software (Ghost, Flask, Django). It feels good to finally get something setup that is my own little space on the internet. This little corner of the web is setup for me to talk about things that matter to me, new stuff I learn to do, things that I’m passionate about, and whatever else comes to mind.

A little about me

My Name is Mitch (as you probably guessed). I’m a systems administrator for GoDaddy, technology enthusiast, gamer, amateur photographer, adventurer and whatever else I decided for the day. I tend to spend my days at work, nights playing games or reading and my weekends out on adventures with my wife.

About This Site

As this site starts to get built out. I plan to add the things that I am doing and want to talk about. Check out the blog for any to-do’s, helpful hints or whatever else I decide I want to talk about that day. Which will probably include my adventures into the wilderness, mountain biking kayaking, hiking etc… Gotta use those categories for something!